Grow Your Medical Practice with Our All-In-One System

You have the medical expertise to serve patients well, but that leaves little time for managing day-to-day operations. Engaging with patients, juggling appointments, and maintaining meaningful relationships can be a struggle – even with the best office and support staff.

Maybe you have multiple application systems your team is logging in and out of to complete various functions. Maybe you’re too busy to set up a text-based appointment reminder system because your team has to focus their attention on the most crucial efforts. Whatever it is, WebMD PracticePro is the only available solution that serves your medical practice from recruiting patients to serving and retaining them. It is the most robust system on the market and is customizable to any medical practice.

Attract Patients to Your Practice‌

Success for your practice is measured by the personalized service you offer. However, you can’t serve patients if they can’t find your practice. Potential patients know what they are looking for in a doctor, and they are searching for you. On the other hand, how can they find you if your online presence isn’t well represented?

Develop a Mobile-Responsive and Customizable Website: Attract and convert patients with mobile-friendly websites for your medical practices.

Make Booking Appointments Online Easy: Your website includes an online booking tool that allows patients to submit an appointment request with a few clicks.

Maximize Online Search Marketing‌ Efforts: Targeted Google advertisements reach potential clients who search for certain keywords that are relevant to the services you offer.

‌Create a WebMD Enhanced Profile‌: Receive a feature on the WebMD physician profile website that showcases you and your practice. Your featured profile and patient reviews enhance SEO for your website and increase your organic web traffic.

Manage Appointments with Better Efficiency‌

Chances are your team has pain points with managing appointments. What if you could better serve your team and free up more of their time for other important tasks?

‌‌When appointment management is largely automated, it’s a better experience for both your team and your patients. Plus, the intuitive workflow also reduces the number of mistakes that occur during booking.

Automate Appointment Reminders‌: You can reduce the number of no-show patients by automating appointment reminders via text, email, or phone calls. 

‌Encourage Patients to Use Mobile Check-In‌: When your patients arrive for appointments, you can reduce physical interaction by encouraging mobile check-in for appointments. This may include filling out COVID-19 screening forms or updating patient account information if phone numbers, addresses, or insurance information changes.

Fill in Schedule Gaps with Last Minute Appointments: Pinpoint cancellations and manage contact waiting list patients efficiently to fill in scheduling gaps using our patient communications software.

‌Answer calls with WebMD Phone: Incoming phone numbers sync up to your patient profiles so that your staff is instantly connected with the correct patient information via the smart caller ID, which may include insurance information, past, and upcoming appointments‌, payments, and more. This allows your team to provide personalized service from the moment they answer a patient’s call. 

Automate Your Patient Visits

Each solution may only save seconds or minutes over their more manual alternatives. However, two minutes saved per patient adds up quickly if your practice sees 50 patients each day. The features below can save your staff nearly two hours worth of work that they can spend completing other tasks or giving your patients personal attention. 

Set up a Patient Portal: Your team initiates an email to the patient with a unique registration link that allows access to the system. Your patients can access past appointments, upcoming appointments, the appointment-scheduling tool, notes from office visits, and more. 

Manage appointments through the Mobile App:  Your team can view patient information, schedule appointments, and manage tasks based on automated notifications that come directly to their phone. 

Allow patients to fill out Online Forms: Turn your existing forms into digital files that your patients fill out electronically, or use our templates to create new forms. This allows your patients to fill out forms in advance and expedite their consultation at your office.

‌Implement a Mobile Check-In process : Patients may wait in the comfort of their vehicle and check in on their phones. Your office staff can then send an alert when it’s time for your patients to enter the building and begin their consultation.

Engage and Retain Patients

You can win over new patients week after week, but your work will never end if you’re not retaining them by providing excellent service. Your patients look to you as a partner in their health journey. By establishing a foundation of transparency and trust, you can earn the loyalty of your patients in the long term.

Utilize Email Marketing: Emails aren’t just for automated reminders. You can also utilize the information in your database to send highly targeted information and stay top of mind. 

Send out Postcards: Automate postcards for appointment reminders with a single click. For patients who opt out of email and text messages, postcards offer another channel for communication.

The All-In-One System that Works for Your Practice

Get started today with our all-in-one solution by requesting a demo. Our solution integrates with your management system for a seamless experience for your staff and your patients. 

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